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Upgrading Ansible-NAS

Upgrading from prior to January 2020 (all.yml.dist config style)

If you're upgrading from this commit or earlier, these instructions are relevant to you.

Rather than having to merge every new config line into your own all.yml file, now you only need to maintain the differences that are relevant to you in your own nas.yml, stored within an inventory directory. Your inventory nas.yml takes precedence over group_vars/all.yml, which is how this setup works. group_vars/all.yml is now tracked as part of the repo.

This will make updates from master much simpler, as there will be no requirement to merge changes from all.yml.dist into your own all.yml any more. You simply pull from master, then add the bits you're interested in into your inventory nas.yml.

Instructions to upgrade from prior to January 2020 (this commit or earlier):

  • Move your group_vars/all.yml somewhere safe.

  • Pull from master. There shouldn't be any merge conflicts unless you've been hacking on the project.

  • Create your own inventory and config files by copying inventories/sample to your own directory:

    cp -rfp inventories/sample inventories/my-ansible-nas

    Note that my-ansible-nas can be anything you want, but adjust the following instructions accordingly.

  • Then:

    • Quick and Dirty: Copy the contents of your all.yml into inventories/my-ansible-nas/group_vars/nas.yml.

    • Nice and Tidy: Copy only the differences between your own all.yml and the distribution group_vars/all.yml into inventories/my-ansible-nas/group_vars/nas.yml. This is likely to be things like ansible_nas_hostname, samba_shares, ansible_nas_timezone, enabled applications, any application tweaks you've made in config etc.