Post installation

So you've installed Ansible-NAS. Now what?

The first thing to do is to configure Heimdall as the dashboard of your new NAS, because most of the applications included come with a web interface. Heimdall lets you create "apps" for them which appear as little icons on the screen.

To add applications to Heimdall, you'll need the IP address of your NAS. If you don't know it for some reason, you will have to look up using the console with ip a. The entry "link/ether", usually the second one after the loopback device, will show the address. Another alternative is to make sure Avahi is installed for zero-configuration networking (mDNS). This will allow you to ssh into your NAS and with the extension .local to your machines name, such as ssh tardis.local. Then you can use the ip a command again.

Next, you need the application's port, which you can look up in the list of ports. You can test the combination of address and port in your browser by typing them joined by a colon. For instance, for Glances on a machine with the IPv4 address, the full address would be Once you are sure it works, use this address and port combination when creating the Heimdall icon.

Glances and Portainer are probably the two applications you want to add to Heimdall first, so you can see what is happening on the NAS. Note that Portainer will ask for your admin password. After that, it depends on what you have installed - see the listing for individual applications for more information.