:skull: :skull: :skull: Before running anything, check out the playbook and understand what it does. Run it against a VM and make sure you're happy. Do not blindly download code from the internet and trust that it's going to work as you expect. :skull: :skull: :skull:

You can run Ansible-NAS from the computer you plan to use for your NAS, or from a remote controlling machine. The steps for deployment are exactly the same, just pay attention to editing the inventory file in step 7.

  1. Enable the Ubuntu Universe repository:

    sudo add-apt-repository universe

  2. Install Ansible:

    sudo apt update

    sudo apt install software-properties-common

    sudo apt-add-repository --yes --update ppa:ansible/ansible

    sudo apt install ansible

  3. Clone Ansible-NAS:

    git clone && cd ansible-nas

  4. Create your own inventory and config files by copying inventories/sample to your own directory:

    cp -rfp inventories/sample inventories/my-ansible-nas

  5. Review group_vars/all.yml. Change settings by overriding them in inventories/my-ansible-nas/group_vars/nas.yml.

  6. Update inventories/my-ansible-nas/inventory.

  7. Install the dependent roles: ansible-galaxy install -r requirements.yml (you might need sudo to install Ansible roles).

  8. Run the playbook - something like ansible-playbook -i inventories/my-ansible-nas/inventory nas.yml -b -K should do you nicely.