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Virtual Desktop

It's possible to run a cut down desktop within a Docker container. We use RattyDAVE's custom Ubuntu Mate image.


Set virtual_desktop_enabled: true in your inventories/<your_inventory>/nas.yml file.

Specific Configuration

By default ansible_nas_user will be granted access with a password of topsecret with sudo rights. To change or add additional users override vd_users in your nas.yml:

  - username: "{{ ansible_nas_user }}"
    password: "topsecret"
    sudo: "Y"
  - username: "larrylaffer"
    password: "kensentme"
    sudo: "Y"


samba_shares_root is mounted to /samba. docker_home is mounted to /docker.

Remote Access

It's possible to access your virtual desktop through a web browser! Check out Guacamole.