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Bitwarden(_rs) Password Management

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This is a Bitwarden server API implementation written in Rust compatible with upstream Bitwarden clients*, perfect for self-hosted deployment where running the official resource-heavy service might not be ideal.


Set bitwarden_enabled: true in your inventories/<your_inventory>/nas.yml file.

Specific Configuration

Make sure you set your admin token! It is bitwarden_admin_token in group_vars/all.yml file. The string you put here will be the login to the admin section of your Bitwarden installation (https://bitwarden.ansiblenasdomain.tld/admin). This token can be anything, but it's recommended to use a long, randomly generated string of characters, for example running: openssl rand -base64 48.

To create a user, you need to set bitwarden_allow_signups to true in your all.yml, and re-run the playbook to reprovision the container. Once you've created your users, set bitwarden_allow_signups back to false and run again.

For speed you can target just Bitwarden by appending -t bitwarden to your ansible-playbook command.