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After getting burned by broken FreeNAS updates one too many times, I figured I could do a much better job myself using just a stock Ubuntu install, some clever Ansible config and a bunch of Docker containers. Ansible-NAS was born!


  • An awesome dashboard to your home server (Heimdall)
  • Any number of Samba shares for you to store your stuff
  • A BitTorrent client
  • Various media management tools - Sonarr, Sickchill, CouchPotato, Radarr
  • Media streaming via Plex, Emby or MiniDLNA
  • Music streaming with Airsonic
  • A Dropbox replacement via Nextcloud
  • Various ways to see stats about your NAS - Glances, dashboards in Grafana
  • A backup tool - allows scheduled backups to Amazon S3, OneDrive, Dropbox etc
  • An IRC bouncer
  • Source control with Gitea
  • SSL secured external access to some applications via Traefik
  • A Docker host with Portainer management - run anything that's shipped as a Docker container

Getting Started

Head to installation if you're ready to roll, or to testing if you want to spin up a test Virtual Machine first. Once you're done, check out the post-installation steps.

If this is all very confusing, there is also an overview of the project and what is required for complete beginners. If you're only confused about ZFS, we'll help you get started as well.