ENiGMA½ BBS Docker Image

I’m a big fan of the open source BBS software ENiGMA½ BBS and have been using it to run fORCE9 BBS for about a year and a half. The project is great - run by Bryan Ashby I’ve seen it develop from just supporting mail, to also supporting file bases, netmail, built in door server connections as well as tonnes of other cool stuff. I’ve also contributed a few bits and bobs of my own to the project…

One thing missing for me was an easy way to deploy, upgrade and roll back the code. I like Docker, so set about creating an image that comes packed with all of the dependencies you need to get ENiGMA½ up and running with as minimal effort as possible.

You can find the ENiGMA½ Docker image here - but if you’re keen to try it out, simply run the following and connect to port 8888 of your Docker host with your favourite telnet client:

docker run -d \
  -p 8888:8888 \